24 Incredible Women in Leadership & HR that we think you should connect with for International Women’s Day 2022

At Let’s Talk Talent we believe strongly in supporting the HR community.

As such to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 all of our core team and associates are offering 1 free hour of coaching to up-and-coming women working in HR that want support and mentoring to further develop their career.

Applicants have been selected and given the link to book their own coaching sessions.

Our list of inspiring women we think you should know about on International Women’s Day 2022

Our team has put together this list of women that we think deserve recognition, for the amazing work they’ve done this year, on International Women’s Day 2022. The list features women in leadership, in HR and hope that you find some great new connections as a result.

So without further adieu here’s a list of amazing women that we think you should know about.

Lorraine Kelly

Director of Organisation Development at King’s College London

Lorraine is an authentic kind and caring leader who is creating opportunities for talent to reach their potential across KCL. I enjoy our weekly enormously as she has given me insight into myself my business and my team.

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Liz Henson

Founder of HR Ninjas

Liz has created an incredible community HR Ninjas of over 18,000 (and counting) HRs in the UK. HRs from across every industry help out other HRs of all levels. It’s highly valued by so many in the HR world. It’s truly inspiring to see the opportunities for networking, support and care at whatever stage you are in your career. Thanks Liz!

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Kelly Black

Global Director at L&D at PZ Cussons

Kelly is a brave and bold leader who is not afraid to try new things in her work and in the organisations she works for. She pioneered the careers work at CFG her last role which had an enormous effect on the possibilities that opened up for staff across that business

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Mel Francis

Senior HR Business Partner at London Business School

Mel is a kind compassionate HR professional who is trailblazing in her passion to educate and support organisations to make them kinder and more inclusive to neurodiverse talent. Really inspirational to hear her journey and the impact she is making in the world of HR to become more aware, and change perceptions.

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Sally Henderson

Founder of High Stakes Leadership Mentoring

Sally works to support leaders through her leadership mentoring to better understand themselves improving their confidence and providing insight into how they being their best self to work. This ultimately has a tremendous effect on how these leaders support their teams and the culture of organisations.

Connect with Sally on LinkedIn

Bridget Lea

Managing Director of Commercial at BT

Bridget is an ex-colleague who I worked with nearly 15 years ago and I still remember how hard she worked to engage and recognise her team, and I loved working with her. More recently Bridget has been speaking out about issues surrounding racial inequality. She was asked to speak about this at the recent student graduation event at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was recently nominated by Retail Week as an Inspirational Black Leader in the Industry. She is committed to creating lasting change for those experiencing inequality.

Connect with Bridget on LinkedIn

Pip Jamieson

Founder & CEO of The Dots

Pip is an extraordinary human being and a huge inspiration. She champions inclusion, has built the creative challenger platform to Linkedin; The Dots and now has over 300,000 members and 10,000 companies using it! Pip is always giving back to the creative community and supporting people to succeed in every way she can. I have personally felt the impact of Pip’s mentorship – she is a truly amazing woman.

Connect with Pip on LinkedIn

Gemma Greaves

Co-Founder of Nurture & Partners (Formerly CEO of Marketing Society)

Gemma is wonderful, she is such an inspirational leader, devoted to helping others succeed, shining the spotlight on great talent. She is highly creative and visionary creating her ground-breaking Brave / Braver / Bravest agenda as the CEO of The Marketing Society. Gemma is one of the kindest human beings I know, loves to help and lift others up. She is a fantastic role model and has touched the hearts and minds of so many of us!

Connect with Gemma on LinkedIn

Shelley Hayward

Head of Development & Talent at The Cumberland

Aside from her infectious energy, creativity and passion, Shelley has been the driving force behind a new initiative which has made a real tangible difference to the individuals involved within the project. Not only professionally but also personally supporting their overall wellbeing and confidence. Shelley is a pleasure to work which is why I think she is awesome!

Connect with Shelley on LinkedIn

Joanne Wheatley & Zoe Hawkins

Coaches and Founders of In Good Company

Joanne and Zoe lead In Good Company who run triple accredited coaching courses for those working in HR, courageous leaders and CEO’s and future coaches. Jo and Zoe have created an incredible community for coaches and leaders enabling them to have the support and confidence to coach with authenticity and skill. They are both compassionate and purpose led leaders who are leading the way in coaching and the impact in can have on the world.

Connect with Joanne on LinkedIn

Connect with Zoe on LinkedIn

Fiona Whitworth

HR Director at ACS International Schools

Fiona has a calmness and experience which makes her a great HRD. She understands the importance and nuanced balance of supporting people to be the best that they can be, take time and patience. She is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom while ensuring that she creates the join up for people to have a fulfilling experience at work.

Connect with Fiona on LinkedIn

Fay Wallis

Founder & Coach Bright Sky Coaching

Fay is incredible! Super talented, brilliant at helping people navigate their careers and a fantastic coach and business owner and Founder of Bright Sky Career Coaching. Fay hosts the HR Coffee Time podcast to help serve the community by sharing her awesome tips and experience, combined with inspirational HR leader guest speakers who are invited to share their wisdom too.

Connect with Fay on LinkedIn

Hester Pooles

Head of Legal at The AA

Hester is a superstar! Super smart, a great leader and always exploring ways to grow and develop her team. Hester is involved in a brilliant initiative at The AA for women returning from work after maternity leave, and is driving the programme with mentorship and support to create positive impact where it’s needed most. Hester is a joy to collaborate with and a rising star!

Connect with Hester on LinkedIn

Nikki Gatenby

Non Exec Director, Coach & Best-selling Author

Nikki is one of life’s energisers, she is full of colour, vibrant and she built a hugely successful marketing agency which at its heart was about empowering their people. She understands the importance of creativity comes when people are motivated and “super engaged” which she writes about in her highly successful book.

Connect with Nikki on LinkedIn

Ewa Priestley

Global Talent Development Director at OLX

Ewa is a powerhouse in the world of Talent Development, who loves the pace, challenge and complexity of working in start up environments. She creates approaches which are simple and consumer facing in organisations and that touch peoples, hearts and heads.

Connect with Ewa on LinkedIn

April Tomlinson

VP HR at Liverpool FC

April is tenacious, strong and determined which in the world in which she operates are exactly the qualities needed off the pitch. She is driven to learn, push people to be the best they can be but is equally humble and open to learn herself and improve how she supports the business.

Connect with April on LinkedIn

Jas Rai

Head of People at The British Library

Jas is one determined Head of People that really creates the join up across the employee experience. She is courageous and brave in her beliefs and is not afraid to speak the truth however difficult that maybe. She is the true mirror for the business and is building a team that we believe can and will make a huge difference to peoples lives.

Connect with Jas on LinkedIn

Philomena Gray

Global Chief People Officer at Imagination

Philomena understands and thrives in creative environments and brings a warmth, calmness and pragmatism to building employee experiences which drive high performances for the business and the culture.

Connect with Philomena on LinkedIn

Jan Stancliffe

Learning and Talent Development Partner at Schroders

Jan has a great eye for innovation and always open to new ways of doing things. Highly collaborative and open minded, Jan is paving the way in her organisation. She is incredibly inspiring and brilliant to partner with!

Connect with Jan on LinkedIn

Catrin Gaston-Penny

Group Head of HR at CGT Catapult

Catrin tells it like it is, and in a start up environment that is exactly what you need. She has overseen the building of culture, leadership and people in order to not only effect and enable people to want to develop their careers but also to have an impact on the wider bio industry

Connect with Catrin on LinkedIn

Emma Azemi

Head of HR at euNetworks

Emma is a heart led leader in euNetworks that puts the cultural DNA into everything she achieves. As one of the values of this business says work hard and be kind to people, this is what I think of when I think of Emma. It is her core and backbone and I respect that as do her colleagues.

Connect with Emma on LinkedIn

Rose Sandy

Publishing Director at Harper Collins UK

Rose is a true pioneer in the world of publishing, championing diversity and inclusivity in a sector which is very traditional. She launched and amazing training programme to advocate and give opportunities to new and up and coming BAME writers of which we were proud to support. Her legacy will live on and that is the true mark of inspiration in my mind as driven by both passion and purpose a true gift.

Connect with Rose on LinkedIn

Shelley Bishton

Head of Creative Diversity at News UK

Shelley is a driver of change. She was one of the pioneers of the DE&I campaign at News UK which is now leading the way in driving understanding, momentum and true change in these areas. She has something genuine to say and makes people sit up and listen in a way that is challenging and yet inviting. She taught me and a huge number of others so much. She is brave, determined and passionate and I applaud her for the work she has done and continues to do.

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Who have we missed? Who would you add to this list? Get in touch and leave a comment below.

We are offering free hours coaching to up-and-coming women in HR

At Let’s Talk Talent we believe strongly in supporting the HR community.

As such to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 all of our core team and associates are offering 1 free hour of coaching to up-and-coming women working in HR that want support and mentoring to further develop their career.

International Women’s Day Coaching now completed.

We have given away our allocated 18 hours of career coaching to up and coming women.

If you are still interested you can take a look at our Coach on Demand service.

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