How do I nurture positive behaviours and attributes in each of my people?

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There’s no two ways about it: the best way to generate positive behaviours within your team is to role model them yourself. You have to talk the talk, and walk the walk if you want people to follow suit. Requesting honesty, collaboration and trust from your team members when you don’t showcase those qualities yourself will not float. Ask yourself what you stand for, and find examples of behaviours that reinforce those values. Act them out every single day, day in day out. 

But displaying the right attributes is only step one. You will need to clearly articulate them as well. Make sure you fully explain your leadership brand to others so they fully get what you stand for, and be as consistent as possible in the way you apply your brand. Once the rules of engagement are set in stone, it’s much easier to take action should they not be followed. 

You may of course need to be a little patient before you see results. Perhaps you’ve inherited a team with a culture that’s very different from yours, and will take longer to shift. Or you may recently have been promoted to a team leader’s position after being part of the team yourself. People around you may need to trust you and adjust to the new set of expectations. But if you’re not seeing the behaviours you expected to see quickly, make sure you register for our Manager’s Bootcamp for that little bit of extra help.

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