Our April digest of HR articles

Welcome to our April digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are primarily focused on Learning and Development, organisational growth and workforce planning. Enjoy!

Want to drive real culture change? 7 steps for turning values into standards
(Inside HR)

The simplest and most effective way to bring values to life in your organisation is to turn them into standards. According to this article by Inside HR, standards are the agreed rules for your values. Do you agree? Click here to read the full article

Four ways to spur organisational growth
(People Matters)

Building a company culture that spurs growth takes hard work. But how does a culture of growth look like in practice? This article by People Matters, suggests four strategies companies can use to create a culture of growth. Click here to read the full article

How to draw up a blueprint for workforce planning
(Personnel Today)

As we all know a powerful workforce strategy can help a company resolve many of its current and future talent sourcing problems. But while workforce planning has become almost universally accepted in business circles, there are still issues when it comes to implementing it. This article by Personnel Today, offers up some useful advice. Click here to read the full article

How to build a sustainable learning strategy
(Training Zone)

Rather than hiring new staff to fill a skills gap, according to this piece by Taining Zone, most companies would be better served to invest in developing their existing staff. Click here to read the full article

Five reasons great leaders invest in their middle managers

Great managers recognise that middle management is essential to driving any organising closer to their goals – Here’s why… Click here to read the full article

And finally…

Have you had chance to read our latest Let’s Talk Talent blog? If not, it’s a good read! We not only share our manifesto but we explain why we live it every day, on every project & with every client. Click here to read the blog

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