Our August digest of HR articles

Welcome to our August digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are primarily focused on career development.

The summer is secretly the best time to focus on career development
(Fast Company)

According to this article in Fast Company the summer is secretly the best time to focus on career development. With people often losing motivation in the summer, they believe this could be the best time of year to reenergise a career.
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Just one in 8 employees has a mentor
(The HR Director)

Workers across all industries recognise that having a mentor can help them to upskill and set goals, but just 13 percent currently has one, according to research shared in HR Director magazine.
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Why we need to see learning as a pathway, not an event
(Training Zone)

Learning transfer will not happen simply from a one-off training event. It takes a well-designed learning process to overcome the learning application challenge. In this article by Training Zone they share five key elements that will help L&D professionals create a pathway to success.
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Taking control of your career journey: preparing for future skills
(HR Zone)

In this article by HR Zone they discuss why workers have a much better chance of remaining relevant and employed if they proactively assess their own skill sets and set their own learning plan.
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How to lose your best employees
(Harvard Business Review)

When your employees aren’t allowed to grow, they begin to feel they don’t matter. They feel like a cog in a wheel. If you aren’t invested in them, they won’t be invested in you. Ongoing development has never been so important.
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And finally…

Have you read our latest blog where we talk to Lorraine Kelly FCIPD, Deputy Director of Organisational Development, at our client King’s College London on their new approach to Career Pathways and what it means for employees?
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