Roundtable Write-up: Is Trust The New Currency For Reward?

At our recent roundtable hosted at Reward Gateway we discussed a range of pertinent topics around reward, recognition and building trust with people in your organisation.

Our top 3 key takeaways from our roundtable were:

  1. The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause [HBR]. Both Cause and Community are intrinsically linked to Trust.

    Trust relates to the emotional and physiological contract that we have with our manager/leader and the shadow that they cast.

    Building trust in continuous work and not something that is solved overnight, or even quickly.
  2. Recognition is the new currency which is moving away from cash only rewards. It’s important to think about the small things like thank you notes or online recognition like Reward Gateway do with their BOOM platform.

    Personalisation is important when looking at rewards i.e “It is not just about the action or material reward, it’s the accompanying words that re-enforce the right behaviour”.

    Multi generations are important in the world of work in building your approach to reward and it’s also that important to get the balance right between what you get, expect and what people receive.

    Belonging is linked hugely to recognition, values & inclusion. Also a vital part to building a culture where your people feel like they belong.
  3. Honesty is critical when building trust in any reward or recognition strategy.

    There are great examples like Buffer who are completely transparent on salaries but the context of your culture means one-size-does-not-fit-all so you need to build what is right for you and organisation.

Keep your eyes peeled for information about our future roundtable events.

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