Show Your Colours

At Let’s Talk Talent we often reflect on our values, at the start of the year we laid out our values and manifesto for the year to come.

This year isn’t like normal years, and with the global pandemic causing everyone and most organisations to take stock and realign with their core values. We took the time to re-align current circumstances to our values and outlined the following thoughts going forwards.

Show Your Colours

As an ever-growing team with different experiences, journeys, personal demands and views, we have been certainly learning a lot about each other. over the last few weeks.

From creating new daily huddles and check in’s to celebrating successes more frequently or sharing concerns. All of these make us who we are as individuals and a business and we will be sharing these ideas and musings in the hope that they will not only support and resonate with you but more importantly they bring to life our mission and purpose beyond words through heart and backbone.

Development and Growth

We will continue to run free virtual WhatsApp courses & Webinars on topics like succession planning, career development and employee experience – which are all areas that are vital to the future, not just today.

Alongside our normal blogs, we will be launching a series of podcasts to support the wider HR community and bring in people from across our network to contribute. 

We are committed to support both individuals as well as the wider community. For example this month we launched complimentary coaching and mentoring to senior HR and Talent professionals to support them during this time.

Partnerships and collaborations

We believe that the magic we can offer to businesses is access to our wider network of partners and global organisations.

So we are proud to have been able to partner with several global organisations to maximise the help, support and insight for those senior leaders who may be struggling or figuring out how to deal with the crisis.

We’ll be exploring new partnerships over the coming weeks to further help our professional community. so stay tuned!

Information and insight

We’ve ramped up the number of blogs, topical podcasts and Q&A sessions to deliver timely and useful insights to our community and clients.

While we know that this crisis will end, our role is to be your trusted partner and quickly connect you to the needs of others, while supporting you to create a plan to address the most urgent and important areas for our community.

Delivery for tomorrow. Today.

Right from the beginning of the crisis, we took action to adapt our delivery model to 100% virtual to de-risk our offering and remove our team and clients from harm’s way.

Our creative and digital capabilities ensure we have business continuity while honouring official guidelines. Planning has been hugely important as a growing business in asking ourselves the difficult questions but also ensuring that we are still taking time to be creative and agile.

For example, we’re now supporting over 8000 of our clients’ employees through Coach on Demand, our new virtual coaching offering.

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