What are the development opportunities available in our organisation for myself and my team?

How to pick the right type of learning for your people 

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When reading about development opportunities, your first thought as a manager was probably about budget. But it’s important to think bigger and wider than the formal paid learning courses that we all know about.

Every single organisation has ways to help staff learn and develop, whether it is through giving out stretching assignments, cross-functional projects, setting up mentoring programs or online libraries. And if you need more for your staff, why limit yourself to what’s available in the business? 

When trying to guide team members through their career progression journeys, make sure you are aware of all the tools available to them, from paid courses, seminars and workshops to more organic options. There is a ton of learning online through various providers such as LinkedIn learning, Coursera, Udemy, Open University… The list goes on. Learning should be looked at from what you can provide within the business, but also what you understand is available outside of it.

So ask yourself, do you have a good grasp of what is out there in the big wide world? Can you recommend relevant Ted Talks? Books? Podcasts? Are you able to open up your network for your people and facilitate networking opportunities that will advance their careers? 

Last, make sure you get to know your staff well. So you can recommend the right development path, of course. But also, to be able to offer different learning options. Not everyone learns best by watching a video, so make yourself aware of all the various ways people learn and give individuals the best chance to develop their skills and knowledge. 

And talking about free courses and learning materials out there, we’ve got a bunch. From webinars to blogs to podcasts to What’sApp courses.

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