What environments bring the best out of me?

Making sure you can bring your whole self to work

Suit: Led by Me

We can all remember that one job where things just didn’t work. The pace was too fast, too slow, there was too much pressure, the team was too collaborative and nothing was getting done…

We are all motivated by different things and figuring out the type of environment that makes you thrive is key to understanding where you want your career to take you. After all, there is no point striving for the top CEO job if you are the kind of person who needs a quiet environment where you can get your head down and not be disturbed for hours on ends, or if you don’t enjoy highly hierarchical structures.  

The environment you work in is a huge part of the job, and if it’s not the kind of place where you feel like you fit, or if it doesn’t generate energy and motivation, it’s always going to be a bit… Icky. Like sandpaper. Don’t forget that environments are like little ecosystems. They change, adapt, move. They are determined by the internal culture and all the people that work in it. So go back and review your career, think of the environmental factors that gave you a boost of energy and write down what kind of setting really makes you tick. 

And once you know what works for you, pay attention to it. Before taking on a new challenge, find out more about the organisation, its values and its culture. Visit the website, ask questions during the interview process and see if it’s a good match. Ask about recognition, and how easy it is to develop your career. Because a role description in itself may be great, but you’ll need to consider other factors than the job itself to find out if this is the kind of opportunity where you’ll be able to bring your whole self to work, every single day. 

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