Organisational modelling at NBC Universal

The Challenge

We were asked by the Vice President of Human Resources & Legal at NBC Universal to design a programme for culture change and engagement across a six-week period which would:

  • Create an operating rhythm for the new London leadership team meetings which strikes a balance between the corporate / the creative culture and business. 
  • Clearly define the identity of the London leadership team in a way that ensures everyone has a voice at the table, regardless of remit or tenure in the business. 
  • Ensure that the team continue to be ‘leadership role models’ across London. 
  • Enable a culture of collective ownership, support, collaboration and debate across the London Leadership Team. 


The Results

We interviewed over twenty London leadership team members and presented an extensive report of the findings. These allowed us to create a number of options for the operating model itself, as well as for the final delivery of the chosen model and operating principles. 

COMPANY: NBC Universal
LOCATION: United Kingdom
CATEGORY: Culture & Engagement