[Podcast] Episode 1: Coronavirus Careers: How a pandemic will Create a labour market revolution

Welcome to our latest podcast. Chadi & Claire from Let’s Talk Talent discuss the unprecedented change to our ways of working and the effect on careers as a result of the current pandemic.

We discuss in this episode:

  1. What do you see as the biggest shifts in working life as a result of the pandemic?
  2. Fragility about the gig economy
  3. Amidst the uncertainty, what has the pandemic exposed about the way some of us have worked before?
  4. What will happen to the way we work as a result?
  5. How have organisations’ values and purpose been tested during the crisis and what will be the impact?
  6. What has the pandemic shown us about leadership during these times?
  7. What does the post-pandemic world of careers look like?

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  4. Pandemic leadership

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