HR Strategy at Pentland Brands

  • CompanyPentland Brands
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • LocationUnited Kingdom
  • CategoryOrganisational Design

For the Director of Talent at Pentland Brands we supported her in devising the group Talent and engagement strategy for 2016/17 for her team, wider business and senior stakeholders.

  • She had recently inherited the role and needed quickly to align the team and the wider business to a strong Talent strategy which did not exist.
  • We also co created a Talent team offsite over 2 days, which aimed to both engage the team on the strategy moving forward, as well as set together the work plan and behaviours, which the business and the team could hold themselves accountable too.

This work successfully:

  • Aligned a fragmented team.
  • Supported the Talent Director in establishing her credibility for the role with the business.
  • Enabled a solid foundation for success to be established
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