At Let’s Talk Talent we’ve been extending our free WhatsApp courses, webinars and development as part of our Show Your Colours campaign. It’s important to us to support and help you throughout this crisis and beyond.

We are frequently updating this list of courses, and adding to our knowledge base to support you. If there are topics you want us to consider please email Jo directly and we will consider adding it into our plan.

We have your back.

Upcoming HR webinars & WhatsApp courses

November 3rd – [Roundtable] Talent Management from scratch… a lesson in patience and timing! with Kelly Black at City Football Group

Do you have the best management tools, templates, processes, models and career management approaches in the world but don’t have a clue how to execute them? Or are you, starting from scratch and at the mercy of everything else on your organisation’s roadmap?

November 10 @ 09:30am – [Webinar] How to Build the business case for succession planning in your organisation

We believe that Succession Planning is the foundation of a great talent management strategy. You will probably know about the traditional approach to succession planning. Yep… …the 9 box grid. Well, this course is going to myth bust and give some alternative approaches which are more agile, simple and practical. By the end of the webinar you should be able to build your own business case for why succession planning is important and have the tools to get started. We’ll be sharing some of the tools and tips that we’ve developed throughout my career; the good, the bad and sometimes ugly!

November 17 @ 11am – [Webinar] Potential For What? in Succession Planning

This webinar will focus on helping you understand potential in your people. And how you can best use the potential of your people to move your business further ahead. Performance doesn’t predict potential. Your business leaders will say that they have brilliant talent in their teams – but they probably are talking about is that they have high performers.

December 1st – [Book Club] The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

Whilst we can’t promise Simon will be able to join us like previous Book Clubs. We will be looking to discuss his new book The Infinite Game. and how it affects leaders and the way which we should approach HR during this challenging time. By invite only.

December 8th @ 11am – [Webinar] How to empower your people to take control of their careers

In this webinar we go through some tools that will empower your people to take control of their career. We are teaching you as an HR leader how to impact the 10%, and that has a more significant impact on the 90%!

Previous Webinars and Events

October 19th – [Whatsapp Course] HR Strategy

October 14th – [Webinar] HR Strategy 101

October 7th – [Webinar] 5 areas to focus on when re-onboarding your teams that is vital to your overall Employee Experience

September 30th – [Webinar] What’s the future of Career Planning, post COVID-19?

September 28th – [Whatsapp Course] Employee Experience

September 24th – [Webinar] HR Strategy 101

September 22nd – Is Employee Experience complete Bullsh!@#?!
Customer Experience World #CEW2020

September 15th – [LTT’s HR Book Club]

September 9th – [Webinar] Employee Experience Is It Bullshit?

August 17th[Whatsapp Course] Succession Planning

August 5th – [Webinar] 5 aspects of Employee Experience that are vital to re-onboarding your teams

July 22nd – [Webinar] Succession Planning: Where to start in building your business case for succession planning with your leadership team

July 8th – [Webinar] HR Strategy 101: How to identify, create and deliver the building blocks for success webinar

June 23rd – [Virtual Roundtable] Kings College – HR Round Table: Are One Company Careers Dead?

June 10th – [Watch on Demand Webinar] Career Planning tools to help your managers have better career conversations virtually

May 27th[Watch on Demand Webinar] Change through storytelling

May 18thEmployee Experience [WhatsApp Course]

May 14th[Watch on Demand Webinar] How To Empower Your People To Take Control Of Their Careers

May 12th[Webinar] Employee Experience, is it bullshit?

April 27thCareer Planning [WhatsApp Course]

April 15th – [Webinar] How To Empower Your People To Take Control Of Their Own Career

April 6thPredictive Succession Planning [WhatsApp Course]

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