We’re creative, agile, experienced pros who are challenging businesses to create world-class experiences for their people.

The World of Work is changing, with the candidates of today looking for an experience rather than just a career. Therefore how we get, keep and grow our people must evolve too.

How do you personalise that experience so that you really explain what it means to work at your organisation?

A talent and organisational design consultancy based in London, we started in 2015 and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. 

Our function is to make your organisation irresistible by unlocking your people potential, ensuring your organisation thrives at every level, along any time-frame. 

We do this by using a consumer lens to understand your business strategy and your employees wants and needs. We then approach any challenges with a creative, pragmatic set of skills and tools.

Our promise is simple: We will stand with you, encouraging you to be brave, whilst still caring for you and your team. Together we will build an employee experience that delivers excellence from the first contact and through each stage of their journey with you.

We believe that mixing the practical with the playful and purpose with personality will deliver an exciting and useful consumer grade experience for your people; and we can support you from initial attraction and recruitment through to exit and beyond.

So if this sounds like an exciting challenge for your business then get in touch and start your journey of transformation now!

Let’s Talk Talent can build you consumer grade experiences across the colleague journey which made work life less ordinary.


At Let’s Talk Talent we have a strong set of values that we believe underpin, who we are personally and professionally,
how we work, how we hire, and indeed who we want as clients.

Life’s too short for beige: We steer clear of creating traditional policies that will sit in a drawer or developing initiatives that have no real impact. We’re proud to use our creativity and help clients achieve real meaningful results.

Kind People are my kind of people: We’d like to think that by being kind, we will attract kind people in return. 

Get shit done: As an organisation, we are extremely agile and creative. And we get stuff done. 

The Best is yet to come: We are very optimistic about the future.

I Respect people that tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is: We do pride ourselves in being kind. But being kind isn’t the same as being nice. Kindness sometimes means having difficult conversations, being open and sometimes painfully honest. We are a no-bullshit, transparent and collaborative organisation.

Let’s Talk Talent are also the official HR Ninjas strategic talent management partner

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At Let’s Talk Talent we have a strong set of values that we believe underpin, who we are personally and professionally,
how we work, how we hire, and indeed who we want as clients.

HR Consultancy Leader of the Year

British HR Awards 2023

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L&D Innovation of the Year

British Training Awards 2023

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High Growth HR Consultancy

HRi Awards 2023

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Jo Taylor

Creative MD & Founder the conductor in the orchestra, chief protagonist & innovator

Lives in London/Tuscany. Loves walking our Chief Dog officer the remoter the better. Colourful Shoe Addict, cocktail drinker, theatre lover and closet garden centre visitor. Believes that the best is yet to come.

For over 25 years Jo has been working in HR and management, starting her career at the BBC as a storyteller which gives her a unique insight into HR.

Jo launched Let’s Talk Talent, in 2015. And it continues to thrive, delivering a wide range of exciting projects for clients globally.

Before starting Let’s Talk Talent, she was Director of Talent & Resourcing at TalkTalk Group and has had senior roles at Dentsu Aegis, Channel 4 and HarperCollins UK.

Catherine Wilson

Experienced HR all-rounder. Loves working on variety of projects, industries and businesses. Passionate qualified coach. Enthusiastic facilitator. 

Mum of 2 amazing kids and a puppy. Foodie with addiction for recipes. Coffee by day, wine by night. Loves a bit of zumba, open water swimming and gardening. 

Yvette Janse van Rensburg

Talent Management expert professional. Career Coach. Global Partner. Strategic Trusted Advisor. 

South African living in the UK (definitely not because of the weather). Can deadlift 100kg and growing. Slightly plant obsessed, growing my jungle. Corporate by day, wellness always!

Rebecca Longman

Occupational Psychologist with a background in computing and accountancy. Author of Let’s Love to Work. Skillful interviewer & thoughtful programme designer.  

Lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Loves running, walking, writing, and interior design. My two little boys rule the roost. Colourful things in nature and at home make me smile! 

Joni Smith

Energetic project manager with a passion for the process.

A kickboxing mother of 2 princesses, loves SCUBA, food and good wine. Always up for travel and adventures.

Nikki Sawyer

Project Coordinator. Completer-finisher.  

Dog fanatic. Lover of the countryside. Interior design hobbyist. Mum of two. Foodie. Wine enthusiast.

Craig Howells

Outcome focused Sales and Operations Leader. Composed problem solver. Passion for connection and impact. 

BBQ enthusiast, chilli and coffee addict. Keen Golfer and cyclist. Wannabe chef with a passion for food and a strong gin and tonic.

Mike Gippert

Experienced Client Manager. Passionate about supporting organisations and providing outstanding customer service

Can be found on the golf course, in the gym or at a festival. Avid Sunderland supporter and horror film and game consumer.


Chief Dog Officer. Friendly companion.

Can often be found snoring during webinars or bouncing around nearby.

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