Free HR Resources, Whitepapers, Podcast & Courses

At Let’s Talk Talent we have spent a lot of time developing some of the best quality resources and events to help get you further ahead as current or future HR Leaders.

Please delve straight in, in the medium that suits you best:

Free HR webinars

We run regular webinars and WhatsApp courses that address bitesize topics that are important to HR leaders.


Every quarter we release a new Whitepaper, workbook or checklist that covers themes in depth with practical advice.

HR Podcast

We have a podcast where a member of our team interviews another HR or business leader and covers a hot topic.


Once a month we send our email newsletter with actionable advice you can take back to your business and all our latest news and resources.

Mentoring Scheme

We are now in our fourth Future HR Leaders mentoring scheme. Each one is a six month program helping to develop the future of the industry.


We write blog posts regularly that cover the most pressing issues facing HR leaders. We give our colourful opinions on a range of topics.


We share regular advice, tips and insight on our LinkedIn page. Follow us to keep up to date.


We share regular advice, tips and insight on our Twitter feed. Follow us to keep up to date.

YouTube Channel

Every week we are releasing short videos to help you on your journey as a future HR leader.