Since March 2020 Let’s Talk Talent have worked closely with HR Ninjas to be your strategic talent management partner.

We are delighted to continue that support, both commercially, and also sharing a range of resources to help support you in your HR role. We are the HR Ninjas official talent management partner in 2023/24.

What is HR Ninjas?

HR Ninjas is a vibrant community of like-minded and kind HR professionals (based mostly in the UK) that support each other.

The HR Ninjas Facebook group has grown to over 25,000 HR professionals (at time of writing) and continues to grow rapidly. The group is run and moderated by Lizzie & Paul.

The main value for HR professionals is:

Who is representing Let’s Talk Talent in HR Ninjas

You’ll find Jo Taylor (Managing Director), Charlie Southwell (Marketing Director) and Craig Howells (Sales Director) in the HR Ninjas facebook group.

What we offer HR Ninjas

First and foremost we offer strategic talent management advice and support to businesses. This ranges from culture and onboarding audits, to succession planning to joining up career development, competency frameworks and performance management approaches.

Ultimately Let’s Talk Talent’s promises is this. We help our clients get, keep and grow brilliant people.

We also offer a wide range of management and leadership development interventions. Including workshops, training and coaching.

Most often though in the HR Ninjas Facebook Group you’ll find us trying to support you in your role.

Big lists of useful stuff

Ultimate List of HR Metrics

We put together this list of over 100+ HR metrics. See what you are measuring, and what you’re missing.

Ultimate List of UK Awareness Days for HR Professionals

We compiled a list of all the awareness days in the UK especially focussed for HR professionals.

Ultimate List of UK HR Awards 2023

List of the biggest HR Awards in the UK. Entry dates, and award dates are listed.

Resources for Learning at Work Week

All the webinars and resources we’ve put together for Learning at Work Week 2023.

Ultimate List of UK HR Stats 2023

Some of the most fascinating facts that are relevant to HR departments.

So if you have a piece of work that you need some strategic advice on, or want to discuss some of the challenges you are facing in your business. Book a meeting with our team and let’s see how we can support you.

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