Talent Management

You already understand that identifying talent and developing the people within your organisation is the principle cause of the overall success any company enjoys. It’s the ‘how’ that can often be challenging. Working with Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Harper Collins and Moneysupermarket Group our consultancy has played a significant part in their Talent Management story and can do for yours too.

Talent Management Services:

Career Development

Career Development means mapping the opportunities for your employees within your business and making sure they know what these are. We can help you gain clarity and chart the right career blueprint for your company and your people.

  • Do your managers understand how to develop their people?
  • Do your employees know what their next career options could be?
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Performance Coaching

We believe that coaching is an invaluable development tool with benefits for individuals, team and organisations. Effective coaching starts with the right context, chemistry and, most importantly, leads to tangible behavioural changes and performance improvement.

Our word-class portfolio of experienced coaches ranging from current C-Suite executives to occupational psychologists have helped improve performance of high-potential talent all the way to senior executives in global multi-nationals.

Contact us now to find out how we can get the best out of your talent.

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Predictive Succession Planning

A genuinely flourishing future depends on identifying and developing your next leaders. Predictive Succession Planning is often neglected or not given the energy it requires. This process is integral for any company that values their future.

  • Are you able to identify the future leaders of your business?
  • Do you have processes in place to engage your future leaders?
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On-boarding & Inducting

New starters will judge you on their first 100 days or less, so you need to provide the very best joining experience – or risk losing your best people before they’ve had a chance to shine.

  • Do you engage new joiners before they start with an excellent experience?
  • Do you work hard to ensure the first week for new recruits is superb?
  • Are you confident that the first 100 days for our new recruits could not be a better experience?
  • Do you have a framework in place so that employees know what’s expected of themselves and each other?
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Executive Assessment

We believe Executive Assessment is a masterful mix of science, art and humanity. At Let’s Talk Talent, our extensive experience of supporting organisations across a wide range of sectors and industries has taken the guesswork out of selecting the best people for the most crucial roles within organisations.

Our obsession with ensuring candidates (internal and external) are engaged and informed at every step of the process alongside our rigorous assessment methods will enable you to make effective selection and development decisions while maintaining a leading-edge candidate experience.

To find out how our unique approach can support your talent management or recruitment processes, then contact us today.

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See our Talent Management case studies:

Coaching & Mentoring at Fat Duck

We have a number of clients that we coach from Hi Potentials through to people going through a career transition.

For a year we coached the Exec Chef of this well known high end restaurant through a career transition.

He has now successfully transitioned back into the business and has taken on a more diversified role across the wider group.

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Digital L&D at Harper Collins

We were hired by the People Director of the UK publishing arm of Harper Collins to create a Digital Learning and Development strategy and management of the service for the company’s 900 staff.

Previously the client had delivered L&D only via f2f interventions and the People Director wanted to adopt more 21st century approaches and needed also to make significant budget savings. As part of a restructure of his team he decided to outsource the service completely to us on a 2 year retained contract.

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Hi-Potential Management at Harper Collins

For this publishing client we were asked to do the following:

  • Create a pilot 6 month programme for the business which invested in their future leaders.
  • An Agile and modular programme.
  • Experiential learning for their rising stars with high potential who are in their 2nd to 3rd role in the business.
  • Ensure there were opportunities for executive involvement.
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Team Development & Facilitation at Moneysupermarket Group

For the HRD of this FinTech business over the course of a year we created a number of key activities including:

  • Creating clarity across the team around the wider business strategy.
  • Ensuring there was alignment and commonality of language of the HR vision.
  • Uplifting the capability of the team to become strategic business partners and influencers.
  • Driving greater collaboration across the team in order to ensure they work more effectively together.
  • Investing in developing some core HR skills across the team so everyone was operating at the same level.
  • Building confidence across the HR team so that everyone felt respected, empowered and trusted to do their job.
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Performance Management at World Remit

For this start up we created a new process to support and enable everyone to understand how they contribute to the bigger picture at WorldRemit called My Check-In’s.

It was the quality of the conversations that mattered to the business not the process so we set about to design My Check-In.

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