What has been my greatest learning moment so far?

Identifying the situations that challenge you, so you can get unstuck and move forward

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If you’re struggling to answer that one question, the Career Lifeline is the tool for you. Have a look over your entire career and map out both the high and low points throughout your professional journey.

Take a step back, try to find common trends, drivers and motivators and use those learnings to figure out what you want to take with you in the future and what you’d rather leave behind. We all learn continuously throughout our lives; the Career Lifeline is a good way of identifying both what drives you and generates energy, and which mistakes you don’t want to repeat. 

But why would identifying your greatest learning moments help you figure out what you want out of your professional life? As Jo, MD of Let’s Talk Talent, often says: “You have to look back to be able to look forward.” So use this opportunity to calibrate where you currently are, find out what has worked in the past and use that knowledge to map out where you want to be. 

It’s worth remembering that learning moments don’t just happen on the job. They could indeed have been the result of an insightful training course that had you motivated and ready to reach for more, but they could also come from your local volunteering efforts or even your life at home. When you figure out where you learn the most and which situations bring the best out of you, that’s when you need to step up to the next stage. 

And the next stage is also often the toughest part ; taking those learnings and figuring out what to do with the information. Whether you ask for more responsibilities, chase a better suited job role, take on a mentor to develop certain skills that will allow you to reach your goal or simply sign up to a course on Udemy, make sure you put that knowledge to good use so you can move forward with your professional life.  

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