Welcome to our March digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are primarily focused on L&D, the importance of effective leadership and once again performance management.

Will in-house L&D make a come-back?
(HR Grapevine)

For many employees, training days and mandatory development sessions are attended resentfully. To modernise and change the perception of laborious training days, some employers have toyed with the idea of outsourcing L&D to external companies – can this provide better third-party insights and more interesting training solutions for their workforces? Click here to read the full article

Mobility strategies are driving key Talent Management trends
(Workforce Magazine)

As talent shortages grow, are smart mobility strategies key to building and maintaining an outstanding workforce? Click here to read the full article

What should I replace my Performance Management system with?
(Training Journal)

What are the most important factors in creating a culture where your team is receptive to the process of performance management? Click here to read the full article

How to be a champion for Women in Leadership

Women are becoming better represented in front-line and mid-management roles. However, is that also the case for women leading in executive roles? Click here to read the full article

3 ways to ensure HR processes motivate and serve employees, not just HR

If your organisation isn’t actively working to ensure employees are motivated, engaged and aligned with your mission, do you risk falling behind the competition and staying there? Click here to read the full article

How will millennial managers shape the future?
(Personnel Today)

Millennial employees are now dominating the workforce, and it won’t be long before they’re running those same organisations. So what can we expect of their leadership styles? Click here to read the full article

And finally…

Let’s Talk Talent recently partnered with Saїd Business School, University of Oxford to bring a fresh perspective to their HR strategy. In this blog, Mel Francis, HR Director of Saїd Business School spoke to us about her team’s journey so far and building a high-performance organisation. Click here to read the full blog

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