Welcome to our February digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are again primarily focused on the importance of effective performance management and improving the employee experience.

Line managers key to unlocking hiring process improvements
(HR Magazine)

Hiring managers must be fully aligned with their organisation’s goals if they are to provide a strong candidate experience during the #hiring process, according to TALiNT Partners’ 2018 Good #Recruitment Benchmark Report. Click here to read the full article

Do these things to make sure you deliver a great employee experience
(Fast Company)

A great employee experience is crucial in providing an environment for your people to thrive. Here’s seven ways you can foster and build a great employee experience Click here to read the full article

Mastering the new world of managing performance

Whether or not your performance management process results in positive change for the business can be determined by varying factors. How confident are you that your staff can implement effective feedback?
Click here to read the full article

Continuous performance management will enhance your business

During the performance management process do you gather insights from an employee’s co-workers? Maybe you should… Click here to read the full article       

Performance management trends for 2019
(HR Morning)

As HR professionals we can often view performance management as a pain. However, is it not better to view it as the perfect opportunity to stimulate growth and improvement? Click here to read the full article

How effective feedback fuels a culture of creative thinking
(Taylor Holland)

The effectiveness of your performance management feedback can directly impact the creativity of your team. This article explores how effective feedback can fuel a culture of creative thinking. Click here to read the full article

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