Ask 5 people close to you, to identify what my strengths are

Finding out your super strengths and putting them to good use

Suit: You outside the organisation

At Let’s Talk Talent, we think feedback is a gift. Finding out what your strengths are can be useful in finding ways to utilise them better. So go ahead, identify your strengths and super strengths. Text five people and ask what strengths they value the most in you. You may even identify new ones you didn’t know you had. 

The purpose here isn’t to flatter your ego. This exercise is only helpful if you follow up and find opportunities to put this new knowledge into practice. Those strengths could be the reason why people hire you when you apply for a role that matches your skills better, or they could highlight new possibilities such as starting up a mentoring program or volunteering for your community. 

However, super strengths can also become weaknesses when overused. We all have a friend who just loves to learn about new topics, but is so overwhelmed with books to read, podcasts to listen to and courses to take that they are unable to focus effectively. Or a highly strategic person who can see where to take their team, but doesn’t quite realise the amount of work generated by their idealistic ambitions. We’re all a work in progress and others can help us see things we’re sometimes blind to, so make sure you use that feedback to help you improve and realise your full potential. 

Don’t be afraid to ask people for information about your personality. But before you do so, make sure you are clear on what you want to do with it. And if you need a bit of support finding out more about yourself, we highly recommend reading The Strengths Book by Sally Bibb. Or register for our More About Me webinar here

Career Coaching Cards: Explained

This is a new series of blog posts, that explain our Career Coaching cards in more depth.

Our deck of cards contain 52 questions that help guide better career conversations and connect more with the individuals you’re having these conversations with.

Each week we are releasing a question from our deck with a little more information about why we think this question is a good question and what you are looking to get out of it when you ask it.

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