Communication Bootcamp

Understanding the impact that great communication can have on driving engagement for you, your team and your organisation.

What is the Communication Development Bootcamp?

This bootcamp is a series of 4x 90 minute interactive workshops.

You’ll begin by looking at what great communication really is and why it matters. Explore the key skills needed for impactful communication and think about the audience and how you can tailor your message so they hear you. 

Next you’ll look at the benefits of giving effective feedback, what gets in the way and how to overcome those obstacles. You’ll learn a feedback model and think through examples, leaving ready to give and receive feedback regularly. You’ll think through how you can create a feedback culture in your team or organisation. 

Following this, you’ll look at courageous conversations, why we avoid them and the benefits of biting the bullet. You will journey through 4 areas of preparation meaning your conversations will be more impactful. 

Finally, you‘ll learn the importance of storytelling in your work. You’ll discover how to create a compelling narrative journey. You’ll explore your audience and what will bring them on the journey with you. You’ll learn about what happens to us physically and mentally when hearing stories and how this can truly create connection with the narrative. 

By the end of the Communication bootcamp, you’ll have an understanding of what engaging communication is, the power it holds and how to deliver messages in a way that connect to your audience. 

Supporting you on the Communication bootcamp are our LTT facilitators who are Coaching practitioners, and will give you honest and helpful feedback throughout.

Who is this Communication Bootcamp for?

  • People managers who are looking for support in developing communication skills. 
  • HR professionals who want to support their people managers with the tools, knowledge and skills to drive career development across all teams.
  • Employees looking to grow their understanding and skills around key aspects of communication. 

Benefits for you (and your organisation)

  • People Managers are equipped to have better conversations and tell their story confidently.
  • Teams and Individuals are clearer about the narrative and more connected to it.
  • You’ll have access to discuss challenges, share best practice and connect with a group of peers.
  • Be informed and share this knowledge within your business.
  • Improve the communication experience for your teams and individuals.

Format of the Communication Bootcamp

The communication bootcamp is designed for upto 12 attendees to understand how to have the biggest impact in getting the most out of their teams. It comprises of 4 sessions and 2 coaching sessions.

  • 4x 90min workshops
    • Communication 101
    • Courageous Conversations
    • Giving Effective Feedback
    • Storytelling
  • 2 coaching sessions per attendee are recommended for embedding learning
  • Voiceprint (self assessment or 360) is also recommended

How much is the communication bootcamp?

  • Communication Bootcamp costs £3,000 (+VAT)
    For up to 12 people
  • Communication Bootcamp with coaching as recommended £7,800 (+VAT)

Booking the Communication Bootcamp

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