Hybrid Working Bootcamp

Paid Bootcamp | June 3, 2021 9:30 am

What is the Hybrid Working Bootcamp?

This bootcamp a series of 5x 75minute interactive workshops.

It has been design to take you on an in depth journey into the world of remote and hybrid working. It is an innovative and simple approach to hybrid working. Packed full of practical tips and tools that you can take back to your organisation and apply immediately.

  • It will help you and your managers provide the best possible employee experience whilst navigating the world of remote and hybrid working.
  • Empower mid-senior level managers to make the most of technology and understand the challenges teams will encounter.
  • Help understand the importance of communication and the complexities that can exist in managing a hybrid workforce.
  • Balance between performance and the human skills to navigate the hybrid world of work.
  • Coaching and support from practitioners, we’ll be honest and provide helpful feedback.

Who is this Hybrid Working Bootcamp for?

  • Mid-Senior level managers who need support managing a hybrid or remote team
  • SMEs with smaller teams / management that needs development
  • HR who wants to do personal development
  • HR managers who want to select a handful of managers to upskill
  • HRBP

Benefits for you (and your organisation)

  • On completion of this course you will be more confident in leading in a hybrid world.
  • Unlock the human skills needed to navigate the hybrid world of work.
  • You will have access to practical tools you can take back to your organisation.
  • Access to discuss and network with a group of peers.
  • Ability to share this knowledge within your business.
  • Improve the employee experience for your teams.

Modules and key dates of the hybrid working bootcamp

Whilst you can drop in and out of any sessions that feel important to you, you buy access to all the sessions. So please try to make the time to attend all of them.

  • Jun 3 – 9:30am Balance between work and life 
  • Jun 10 – 11:30am Courageous conversations 
  • Jun 17 – 9:30am Foundations for a hybrid workforce 
  • Jun 24 – 9:30am Manager Mindset & Managing virtual teams 
  • Jul 1 – 9:30am Making Meetings Matter (virtual meetings) 
  • Further learning documents after each webinar

Scroll down further for more details on each module.

Meet your bootcamp instructors

Jo Taylor

MD, Let’s Talk Talent





Claire Koryczan

Senior Partner, Let’s Talk Talent





Catherine Wilson

Senior Consultant, Let’s Talk Talent




Register for the Hybrid Working Bootcamp

The bootcamp costs £500, and our team will arrange payment with you after you fill out the form below.

In-depth Module Information


Balance between work and life

  • How values are essential drivers in decision making about work and life.
  • How to manage your energy and tap into your natural energy resources. 
  • How to define boundaries that create a better balance between work and life.
  • How mindset is key to creating the outcomes you want.

Courageous conversations

  • Gain the skills and confidence to have those difficult conversations.
  • Understand how your communication style impacts the conversation.
  • Learn the importance of active listening and skilful questioning, and know how to do it.
  • Become equipped with helpful tools and techniques to apply immediately.

Foundations for a hybrid workforce

  • Explore new ways of working for an effective hybrid approach
  • Understand the importance of clarity in communication, and why over communicating is essential
  • Learn techniques to ensure all voices are heard 
  • Discover ways to enhance collaboration and foster trust

Manager Mindset & Managing virtual teams

  • Define what an effective manager is within your business and unique culture.
  • Explore the role of the manager in the context of the current environment and if this has changed?
  • Understand emotional intelligence and why it is essential when managing teams.
  • Discover the four manager mindsets that will set you up for success.

Making (Virtual) Meetings Matter

  • What a meeting is, its purpose, and how do the complexities of hybrid working require us to rethink our current approach?
  • What are the most effective ways for people to collaborate, communicate and exchange information and ideas?
  • How to create a meeting environment for maximum engagement. And all voices are heard.