People Management Bootcamp

Establishing the core essentials of people management to get the best from yourself and others.

What is the People Management Bootcamp?

This bootcamp is a series of 4 x 90 minute interactive workshops spread over a month.

And in addition to the workshops each attendee gets 2 individual coaching sessions.

You’ll begin the People Management bootcamp by looking at understanding yourself, what’s important to you, what you are good at, what motivates you. Because it’s this perception of yourself that provides you with the primary means of understanding all other people.

Following this, you’ll explore what defines a great manager in your organisation. You’ll reflect on what good and bad manager experiences you’ve had and what you want to stand for as a manager, and the mindset required to be an impactful people manager.

Next up, you’ll learn about the essential skills of coaching, as a way of developing others. With practical exercises and helpful tips and techniques for active and deep listening, and skillful questioning.

In the final sprint, you’ll become confident and equipped to have those essential courageous conversations that we can often shy away from, and that are even more important in a hybrid/virtual working environment.

Who is this People Management Bootcamp for?

  • People managers who need support managing, motivating and leading people.
  • HR professionals who want to support their people managers with the tools, knowledge and skills to foster great people management across the organisation.

Benefits for you (and your organisation)

  • People Managers are equipped to support, motivate and create impact in their teams.
  • HR are supporting people managers to drive the right behaviours.
  • You’ll have access to discuss challenges, share best practice and connect with a group of peers.
  • Be informed and share this knowledge within your business.

Format of the People Management Bootcamp

The People Management bootcamp is designed for upto 12 attendees to understand how to have the biggest impact in getting the most out of their teams. It comprises of 4 sessions and 2 coaching sessions.

  • 4 x 90min workshops
    • Understanding Self & Others
    • Manager Mindset
    • Coaching and Developing Others
    • Courageous Conversations
  • 2 coaching sessions per attendee are recommended for embedding learning

How much is the people management bootcamp?

  • People Management Bootcamp costs £3,000 (+VAT)
    For up to 12 people
  • People Management Bootcamp with coaching as recommended £7,800 (+VAT)

Booking the People Management Bootcamp

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