2020 was a powerful year of change, and the start of 2021 has shown the world is still changing and adapting with more uncertainty to come. Through this challenging and uncertain time, resilience is continuously put to the test, often affecting wellbeing of our employees.

By understanding resilient behaviours, tapping into our resilience reserves, and learning techniques to increase our resilience, we become better equipped to navigate the choppy waters on the road ahead successfully.

The resilience is for you if you are:

  • This workshop is designed to support employees through a continually changing working environment with new ways of working.
  • A resilient workforce can utilise their skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges they encounter quickly.

What will you learn on the Resilience Workshop?

  • Why building resilience is essential?
  • How to develop resilience in yourself and others
  • Tips and techniques to help you and others

What is the format of the Resilience Workshop?

The Resilience Workshop is 60-90 minutes interactive workshop for up to 12 people, which can be delivered through Zoom

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