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We are regularly approached by journalists to comment on key HR issues and challenges. Please find below, links to our most recent pieces of coverage.

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Tailoring your recruitment

HR Grapevine (page 42)
December 2018

Are your recruitment and resourcing strategies matched to the individuals you want to hire?

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HR - A strategic function

IUS Laboris – Global HR Lawyers
23rd November 2018

John Boudreau, professor and research director at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Centre for Effective Organisations, recently stated in his book Effective human resource management: A global analysis, that HR professionals today spend no more time than they did in 1995 being strategic. In the current climate, the ability of HR directors to add strategic value in organisations is critical. So, what is holding HR back, from becoming the strategic function it needs to be?

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Under-performing employees forced to eat bugs and drink 'urine'

HR Grapevine
12th November 2018

Under-performing staff at a Chinese company have been forced to drink ‘urine’ and eat cockroaches by management as punishment for not meeting sales targets – a Telegraph piece reported.

These shocking penalties were filmed at the company’s premises in Zunyi City which showed employees standing in the middle of a room being whipped and being forced to drink yellow liquid from a cup.

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Need to upskill is an uncomfortable truth

The Times ‘Future of Work’ supplement (page 3)
6th November 2018

Human Resources leaders must equip themselves with new skills so their voice is heard by the board.

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Innovations in HR management

HRD Connect
30th October 2018

Several new innovative practices in HR are improving the people agenda, impacting culture and employee wellbeing. What exactly are they?

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Do employers have the right to ask female employers to wear makeup to work?

HR Grapevine
8th October 2018

According to a study by Renfrew Centre Foundation, 44% of women are dependent on makeup and are left feeling unattractive if they don’t wear it, whilst a quarter of the women surveyed started wearing makeup as early as 13-years-old. However, that still leaves a large portion of women who go makeup-free. With that being the case, do employers have the right to ask female employees to wear makeup to work, and, to what extent is doing so considered a discriminatory breach?

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How can creating employee stakeholders boost motivation?

Employee Benefits
27th September 2018

Success is a mutually beneficial proposition between the employer and employee. If an organisation is to thrive, its employees must perform to the very best of their abilities; in turn, employees benefit in manifold ways from their employer’s success, such as increased job security and higher remuneration.

Although this is the theory upon which the world of employment is built, the day-to-day reality of the workplace means the virtuous circle of success is not always readily apparent, or is too slow to manifest itself to act as an effective motivator.

However, the more aligned employees feel to the overall goals of the organisation, the more engaged they are in their work.

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Talent management strategies

HRD Connect
24th August 2018

Talent management may still be high on the board agenda of most large companies these days, but the reason for this focus has changed over recent years. Why is this?….

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Could a four-day week boost your productivity?

HR Grapevine
13th August 2018

When Monday morning rocks up, many employees begin their heart-wrenching countdown until the next weekend comes around.

A typical working week only leaves a mere 48 hours of free time which many working adults spend conquering the menial but oh-so-important life admin tasks; the spectrum of household chores is never-ending and before you know it the weekend has escaped you.

These futile tasks can include anything from paying bills, managing a mortgage, carrying out home maintenance, household chores, personal banking and shopping. Holding down a nine-to-five job for five days out of the week can be additionally challenging if you are trying to juggle a working life with parenthood….

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The World of Work is Changing

HRD Connect
8th August 2018

Within this ever developing and changing world of work, the role of HR departments and their leaders are changing too. But what are the key changes we should expect?….

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