Culture and Change Management

What it’s like to work within an organisation and what it means to work there are the most important aspects of your culture – but also sometimes the most elusive. With our consulting by your side you can deepen or establish all the right elements.

How you manage change is deeply connected with your company culture and whether you provide a safe, inclusive and clearly envisaged place to work. When you have this in place, change can be seamless and all of your talent will want to be aligned with your mission as you forge your forward path. The key to this is that your talent will have a clear understanding of what’s expected, feel supported in their roles and be resourced to be effective.

We can work with you to create the most conducive conditions possible for an amazing culture that adapts to change easily. We’ve delivered on this Pillar with companies like Christie’s and Oiltanking.

Services to help culture flourish:

Company Vision & Values Consultancy

Defining what your business exists to achieve, its character and ethos gives you the cultural blueprint that can define and produce success.

  • Has my company vision been defined and communicated to all employees?
  • Have our values been defined and are our employees clear about what those values are?
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Creating Competency Frameworks

Articulating the essential skills and behaviours of your employees gives your company an enviable level of clarity. If you don’t have a Competency Framework in place, your people won’t know what’s expected and your managers will lack effectiveness.

  • Do you have a framework in place so that employees know what’s expected of themselves and each other?
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On-boarding & Inducting

New starters will judge you on their first 100 days or less, so you need to provide the very best joining experience – or risk losing your best people before they’ve had a chance to shine.

  • Do you engage new joiners before they start with an excellent experience?
  • Do you work hard to ensure the first week for new recruits is superb?
  • Are you confident that the first 100 days for our new recruits could not be a better experience?
  • Do you have a framework in place so that employees know what’s expected of themselves and each other?
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Transformation & Change Programmes

Before creating the future you want, you need to identify the areas of your business that require change. To do that, you need a process that will help you see what needs to happen and then plan to achieve it.

  • Is there is an effective process in place to structure and communicate your change programmes?
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Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Defining the essence of your business, how it is unique and what it truly stands for means you can convey that to your people and your prospective employees. Without this clarity a direction is hard, or even impossible, to establish.

  • Do you believe that your employees could articulate our EVP?
  • Are you confident that your EVP flows through your hiring process?
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Are you an HR Leader?

Take our complimentary Talent Diagnostic Survey which breaks down in detail how you can build, enhance and develop your Talent Management strategy. Upon completion, you’ll receive your own personal report, which we believe will give you the space to step back from your day to day activities, and look at the areas which you want to focus on, but maybe do not have the time to. The survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

See our Culture and Change Management case studies:

Onboarding & Inducting New People into Oiltanking

Following a review earlier this year, this business wanted to improve the way it on boards employees who are taking up a position in their head office.

We have created an approach which appeals to 3 distinct audience groups:

  • An employee working for an existing company moving into their HH office for a temporary (exchange) assignment.
  • An employee working for an existing company moving into their HH office for a multi-year assignment as an expat.
  • An employee joining head office in Hamburg as a first role
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Transformation and Change at Christie's

For the Group HRD of an auction house we were asked to support the implementation of the Talent Management modules of Workday globally; to enable the business to have more transparent overview of how well they’re managing and supporting their people.

This was the first step in enabling everyone to take ownership of their career.

The business was losing 60% of our people because of lack of career development or training.

This was a great way for them to understand their people’s skills and experiences.

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