Collaboration in a team is when two or more team members work together to reach a common goal. Since the pandemic, companies have had to adapt to the change in work environments and senior leadership teams have had to act quickly to adjust the collaborative process to maintain company culture as the office moved online.

To create truly collaborative team environments, all members should feel that their views and ideas are respected (regardless of their seniority). When this environment is created, members will have the confidence to propose new ideas, share feedback, and challenge the status quo. This, in turn, moves the team forward in achieving its goals.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Looking to upskill senior leaders and managers in your organisation to have a greater understanding of the role of a leader, and the mindset required to lead high performing teams.
  • Wanting to know how to thrive as a leader in a hybrid working environment

What will you learn on the team dynamics and collaboration workshop:

  • Understand the benefits of team collaboration
  • Learn how to overcome collaboration barriers
  • Develop your collaborative skills
  • Learn how to design a collaborative meeting

What is the format of the team dynamics and collaboration workshop?

4 hour session designed for Senior Leaders
Up to 15 people

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