Supporting Public Sector organisations with modern Talent Management

Talent Management & OD projects in the public sector have unique challenges that are often distinct from those in the private sector.

Be it working within strict budgets or navigating lengthy processes, we understand how difficult it can be to implement new initiatives and change in public sector organisations.

Some of the key challenges the public sector has experienced over the last year are:

Public sector clients who’ve utilised our consultancy services

Who are Let’s Talk Talent?

Let’s Talk Talent is a leading Talent Management and OD consultancy that is dedicated to empowering organisations across the globe to unlock the potential of their employees.

Our experienced team works in partnership with government bodies, educational institutions, non-profit organisations across the public sector to support them get, keep and grow brilliant people. Across our service offering we combine art through our creativity and science with proven methodologies to address the unique challenges faced by the public sector.

Let’s Talk Talent conducted a comprehensive culture audit focussing on staff experience and equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The audit comprised of data analysis, staff focus groups, senior leader interviews and an all-staff survey. 

Head of Operations, King’s College London

Building Modern Competency Frameworks for public sector organisations.

If you don’t have a Competency Framework in place, your people won’t know what’s expected and your managers will lack effectiveness.

At Let’s Talk Talent we take into account how your strategy, culture and behaviours are linked to your values. This way we can help you create actionable competencies to drive organisational performance. We’re big proponents of keeping competency frameworks simple and actionable.

Competency Frameworks Case Study
(University Arts London)


The University of the Arts London (UAL) identified a lack of cohesion between job roles within its Research, Knowledge Exchange, and Enterprise Directorate, resulting in difficulties for managers and employees in understanding their development areas and how they could measure their performance against UAL’s standards.


Through desk-based research, focus groups, and 1-1 interviews with key stakeholders, we used the insights gathered and the knowledge of their internal team to develop an empowering, informative, and comprehensive skills framework designed to guide development across all levels within the function.


The framework is now accessible to the 200+ employees across the Research, Knowledge Exchange, and Enterprise Directorate and provides clarity, coherence, and support for individual development within the function.

After completing our competency frameworks and career mapping piece of work with Let’s Talk Talent we have had 20 promotions/career progressions in 12 months with the pilot. Which is about 25% of that business area.

Senior L&D Business Partner, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult
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A trusted partner that performs sensitive Culture Audits in public sector organisations.

Culture and purpose are huge retention factors for public sector-based organisations. Ensuring the wider organisational culture is aligned with this and supporting these individuals is vital to ensure retention of top talent, high engagement and wellbeing. We have supported public-sector organisations to analyse, report and improve their overall company culture to help drive a  great employee experience.

Culture Audit Case Study (Public Sector Directorate)


Following their annual people survey, the organisation identified various cultural issues, including staff feeling undermined, bullying and harassment claims, low trust in leadership, and ongoing friction between teams.


Through a thorough review of people surveys and extensive engagement methods, including interviews, focus groups, and drop-ins, we found no evidence of a clear culture of bullying. Instead, we identified a gap between leadership and management, along with challenges related to working methods and inclusivity.


We proposed both short and long-term recommendations, including implementing pulse surveys, improving communication from the leadership team, developing a managerial code of conduct, and introducing 1-1 coaching and team coaching. These initiatives contributed to higher overall engagement and well-being levels in the organisation over the following two years, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented changes.

The outcomes were efficiently delivered with a suite of recommendations tied into core themes. LTT were practical and highly professional in their approach, responding exactly to our brief and providing expertise and insight.

Rachel Connell, Head of Operations, King’s College London

Organisational Design in public sector organisations

At Let’s Talk Talent, we’ve got a strong track record of helping companies and organisations within the public sector conduct in-depth reviews of their current structures against their objectives and growth plans.

Following these reviews, we then provide you with a recommended operating model that is fit for future growth and your employee population alongside an implementation plan that provides you with steps you can take during the transition period.

Organisational Design Case Study (The UK’s Largest Health Research Organisation) 


We were contacted by this organisation to review its current operating model due to significant growth challenges, including issues with team structures, ways of working, and efficiency. These challenges posed potential barriers to future growth and hindered the achievement of ambitious targets set by the organisation.


We employed our Future Back methodology, combining desk-based research with 1-1 interviews with the executive team and key directors. This allowed us to gather a comprehensive understanding of the current operating model, current ways of working, and the organisation’s future objectives. 


Using the data collected, we produced a detailed report with recommendations categorised into four core areas. These included restructuring the organisational model to prioritise the end customer, streamlining the leadership team for better alignment, simplifying performance and objective-setting approaches, and focusing on people and culture through the establishment of values, an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and clear competency frameworks.

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It has been wonderful working with Let’s Talk Talent delivering across our Organisational Development needs, creating bespoke development tools and strategies to enhance our people and culture.

Lorraine Kelly, Director of Organisational Development, King’s College London

Management and Leadership Development

People do not leave companies, they leave bad managers.

Your leaders and managers play a vital role in the success of your organisation. Expanding the performance capability of employees through Management Development takes care and understanding on an individual level.

Let’s Talk Talent has worked alongside many public sector organisations to build truly bespoke management development programmes that address the developmental needs of their management population.

We incorporate workshop deliveries alongside supporting resources and coaching to provide the attendees with a 360 learning experience to suit all learning styles and preferences.

Management Development Case study (Kings College London)

Let’s Talk Talent has been a trusted partner of Kings College London since 2019. Within this time we have created a total of 4 management development programmes aimed at individuals in various stages of their management journey.

These programmes are:

  1. Aspiring Managers
  2. New Managers
  3. Senior Managers 
  4. Established Managers

We worked closely with their internal team to truly understand the development requirements for individuals who fell into each management category. We then used this information to design a bespoke development programme that addressed these areas.

Each programme provides attendees with a blended approach of virtual and in-person workshops alongside several supporting resources and 1-1 coaching sessions.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have partnered with Let’s Talk Talent to support the development of our management and leadership provision across King’s College London. It was evident from the start they truly understood the complexity of operating in the higher education sector and have been generous and effective in sharing their expertise

Kirti Swift, Head of Leadership L&D, King’s College London

Our Public Sector Talent Management Experts

Yvette Janse van Rensburg

Senior Consultant

An accomplished HR, Talent, and People Development professional drawing on 15+ years’ experience working across SME, Corporate, global geographies and complex stakeholder environments in the Built Environment, Recruitment and Real Estate sectors.

Yvette has a passion for supercharging innovative Talent Management & People Development strategies for future focused organisations, creating moments that matter for people & businesses to thrive.

Catherine Wilson

Senior Consultant

Catherine has worked in Talent, HR and Learning and Development for over 20 years. The variety of industries she’s experienced include; retail, travel, manufacturing, utilities and media.

With a broad range of experience in managing HR, Talent and L&D departments, Catherine understands what it takes to drive change and implement talent initiatives. She’s adept at thinking of creative solutions that solve real problems.

Rebecca Longman

Senior Consultant

Rebecca has a MSc in Occupational Psychology, subsequently spent the last 14 years as both an in-house and external consultant in the manufacturing, food, healthcare, financial, and technology industries with organisations all over the world including Bupa, Comerica, BP, Mastercard, Zoetis, Vimeo, Ingredion and many more.

She is an ICF-certified coach and a self-published author of Let’s Love to Work a book about how people create careers they love.

Her specialist skills are employee engagement, skills and competency framework creation, organisational strategy, change management, training design, coaching, narrative creation, and leadership development.

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