Communicating effectively is essential in teams, as we continue to work remotely and hybrid.

During this session you’ll empower your teams with the skills, knowledge and confidence to have a courageous mindset enabling them to communicate effectively and to drive high performance.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Looking to build confidence and the skills to have challenging conversations.
  • To build strengthening trust and honesty in your leaders.
  • To collectively define and agree on what having a ‘courageous mindset’ means to you and for the business.
  • To create awareness and understand the impact of your current ways of communicating with each other and your teams/stakeholders.

We also like to run this session with the Voiceprint assessment tool to look at how you communicate individually and as a team.

What will you learn on the courageous mindset workshop:

  • Your individual and team communication styles, and what that means.
  • You’ll define what a courageous mindset means to you and your team.
  • About conversational intelligence and how to create a deeper level of conversation and impact.
  • You’ll learn how trust and power have an impact in communication.
  • You’ll get into the shoes key stakeholders you communicate to regularly, to understand

What is the format of the courageous mindset workshop?

4 hour session designed for Senior Leaders
Up to 10 people

+ Voiceprint assessment included

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