Storytelling is a powerful tool used by successful leaders to create presence and impact. According to Forbes, when leaders use storytelling as a tool, the information is up to 20 times more memorable when delivered in a story.

By crafting compelling narratives, we are able to captivate, engage and inspire our audiences. Taking them on a journey that connects to their hearts and minds and enhances their ability to recall our important messages.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • You are looking to inspire and build confidence in your people to use storytelling in business.
  • You want to build storytelling skills and capabilities.

What will you learn on The Art of Storytelling workshop:

  • Why storytelling is such a powerful and useful tool to leaders in business?
  • The science behind how the brain works when we hear a story and how this motivates us.
  • How to construct a successful message through storytelling – What’s the concept you want to convey? Is story the most effective method to communicate your message? How do you go about using it?
  • How to adapt according to audience differences in order to create the most impactful message.
  • What do you need the story to do?

What is the format of The Art of Storytelling workshop?

90 mins
Up to 12 people

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