Driving A High-Performance Culture In Your Workplace That Your Employees Will Love

Webinar | June 20, 2024 9:00 am

You want your business to be performing at its best and operating at maximum efficiency – but with hybrid & remote working, as well as constantly changing landscapes in your industry, it can be a mammoth challenge! But it all starts with your people. How do we build this culture with our team in mind?

Yvette is here to help – she’ll be discussing how to build and maintain a culture of high performance without sacrificing kindness and open communication, and answering all your questions on building such a culture, as well as any pitfalls to avoid!

This webinar is for:

  • Team leaders who are looking to improve team culture with a performance focus
  • Business leaders looking to upskill their managers and get the business running more efficiently
  • Managers-in-waiting who want to ensure their performance management skills are in top shape

You’ll learn:

  • The principles of building and maintaining a high-performance culture
  • Building this in tandem with an open mindset that values growth and learning
  • Common and uncommon mistakes to avoid

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