Get Your Voice Heard: 90-minute interactive Let’s Talk Talent roundtable

Roundtable | October 3, 2023 4:30 pm

How do you ensure that you get your voice heard by the people who matter – your team, the wider staff, the Board? How do you make sure your message is heard – especially when it’s a message people may not want to hear?

In this fun and interactive session, we’ll explore how you find your voice, create impact and command a room, a screen or a meeting. We’ll explore how you create compelling messages, engage any audience and deliver with charisma and gravitas.

By the end of this focused session, you’ll have tools you can reach for to improve your messaging and communication – whether that’s communicating one-on-one or to a large room of people.

About our speaker:

Steve Bustin of Get Your Voice Heard describes himself as a communication nerd. From starting a family newspaper aged 8 to working as a broadcast journalist for BBC News, nowadays Steve is either engaging an audience on screen or on stage – or teaching other people how to do it (and often both at the same time). He’s a former UK Speaker of the Year, author of two books (including The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking) and holds the prestigious Professional Speaking Award of Excellence.

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