How to Run a Great ‘Learning At Work Week’ – Webinar

Webinar | April 11, 2024 9:00 am

It’s not long to go until Learning at Work Week 2024 – it kicks off on the 13th of May, are you ready for it?! This year’s theme is ‘Learning Power’ – but what does this mean?

What sort of things should you be preparing and running to keep and grow brilliant people? And how can you build a week of learning that not only gets people engaged, but keeps the ball rolling throughout the year?

Join our founder, Jo, as she talks about this year’s Learning at Work Week, the topics in question, and how you can make it a week to be remembered, with plenty of ideas and real-life examples!

This webinar is for:

  • HR leaders who are building their Learning at Work Week strategy and plan
  • HR managers who are tasked with bringing ideas to the table on how they can support their teams to encourage participation
  • People who already have their Learning at Work Week plan in place, but need some extra inspiration

You’ll learn:

  • What this year’s Learning at Work Week is all about
  • How to build engaging, memorable ideas around these pillars for teams of all levels & sizes
  • Our top tips to ensure learnings from Learning at Work Week are carried on throughout the year

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