L&D Strategy WhatsApp course

Learning & Development Strategy Course on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Course | March 20, 2023 9:00 am

The ways in which people learn have fundamentally changed. Most people use Google as their first port of call to find out new information and to start learning new things. Therefore, how do you as an HR leader compete and provide your people with learning that is valued and enables them to realise their potential?

This 3-week course will run from March 20th 2023. You will get daily tips, tricks, and inspiration on how to meet the needs of the modern learner and create a kickass Learning & Development (L&D) strategy.

Who is this course for?

  • HR Directors
  • Heads of L&D and Talent
  • L&D and Talent Managers

What will you learn on this course?

  • The modern learning landscape
  • The questions to ask your business to identify the right approach for you
  • How to build your L&D approach
  • How to measure the impact of learning in your organisation


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