Who owns culture – Free Webinar

Webinar | February 8, 2024 9:00 am

This is what traditional organisational culture development looked like – the CEO gives instruction to the HR team to develop an effective company culture. The HR team runs a campaign to reinforce company values, sharing the mission and vision and implementing initiatives like free lunches or birthday celebrations and boom, you have a great company culture. Right? Wrong! This approach no longer works for several reasons. In this webinar I’m going to cut through the fluff to answer the exam question: Who really owns organisational culture?


Join me for a free 45 minute webinar where I’ll take you on a journey explaining, with evidence, why a top-down culture approach won’t help you in creating a great place to work and developing high performing teams, and why culture should be everyone’s responsibility. I’m certainly not suggesting that this approach to culture means that no one leads or is accountable for the organisation’s culture, but rather demonstrates the importance of having every voice in shaping what it looks like. And, I’ll even show you some of the work we’ve done recently to help organisations’ uncover their cultures and create amazing places to work. 


You don’t want to miss this conversation! 

Who is this webinar for

  • HR Professionals looking to redefine and strengthen company culture
  • Managers aiming to influence and shape workplace dynamics
  • Business leaders committed to creating a positive and impactful organisational environment
  • Anyone passionate about understanding the dynamics of corporate culture

What you will learn

  • A clear understanding of what organisational culture is and its impact on the success of your organisation
  • The pivotal role that leadership plays in shaping and sustaining a positive culture, with practical insights into effective leadership strategies.
  • Empowering teams and individuals to actively contribute to and take ownership of the culture, creating a collaborative and values-driven environment.
  • The ability to identify and address cultural challenges proactively, before they disrupt the workplace.
  • How to ensure that your organisational values are not just words on paper but are reflected in your day-to-day, creating a culture that genuinely embodies the company’s core beliefs.

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