[Podcast] Episode 2: Getting back to business. Re-onboarding your people post-COVID.

Welcome to our latest podcast. Jo Taylor from Let’s Talk Talent and Kursty Groves discuss the current situation and how companies can see bringing people back into their business as an opportunity for creativity and to provide their people with a great (and safe) experience.

What we discuss in this episode:

  1. Working from home works – what is the impact on the future of business?
  2. Do you truly know what your staff are feeling? Everyone has had a very different experience of Lockdown, and how you should be treating them as a human, not a workforce as a whole.
  3. How can you create a more trusting leadership to empower your people?
  4. 70% of people are concerned about going back to work. How can you deal with that?
  5. How can you make people feel safe when coming back into the work place?
  6. Welcome people back into the workplace, it’s a great opportunity to use brand voice.
  7. How long should you be planning into the future?

Download our Re-onboarding Checklist

We designed this to explore what you can do as HR Leaders to improve the experience of bringing people back into your workplace.