What is the emotional intelligence for managers workshop?

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic and virtual/hybrid working is the role of a leader which can mean different things in different environments. During this workshop, we’ll define what an effective leader is in your organisation. 

Throughout this workshop, you’ll have a greater understanding of the role of a leader, and the mindset required to lead a high-performing team. You’ll explore the transition from being an individual contributor into a leader and what you want to stand for as a leader.

Who is the emotional intelligence for managers workshop for? 

  • Managers looking to develop their own Emotional Intelligence.
  • Individuals looking to gain a greater understanding of their peers and direct reports.
  • HR Leaders looking to advise their managers on Emotional Intelligence and ways to increase their effectiveness.

What will you learn from the emotional intelligence workshop?

  • Learn what emotional intelligence is and what it isn’t.
  • Understand why emotional intelligence is important in business.
  • Explore what we mean by emotion and how emotions affect us in everything we do.
  • Why emotional intelligence is important for leaders.
  • Tips and tricks to improve your emotional intelligence in the workplace.

What is the format of the emotional intelligence for managers workshop?

This workshop is 90 minutes interactive workshop for up to 12 people, which can be delivered virtually or face to face.

This can also be expanded as part of our bootcamps, and used as part of a team away day.

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