What is the rebuilding confidence through change workshop?

The last year has been an unusual year in so many ways, yet we can’t deny it’s been a powerful year of change.
However, amidst change comes uncertainty, which can destabilise us and throw our confidence off course. Especially if we are returning from a period of being out of the business.

Who is this workshop for?

  • For people looking to rebuild their confidence after returning from a period of time of non-work (e.g. furlough, maternity/paternity leave etc) or as a result of changes in the workplace
  • For people managers of returners

This rebuilding confidence through change workshop is for you if you are:

  • Looking for practical ways to rebuild your confidence through change
  • Looking to help others rebuild their confidence

What will you learn on the Rebuilding Confidence through Change workshop?

  • Where confidence comes from and what it is
  • Why change impacts it
  • How to challenge your inner critic
  • Helpful tips to apply immediately to increase your confidence
  • Importance of empathic leadership

What is the format of the Rebuilding Confidence through Change workshop?

60-90 minute virtual session. With interactive exercises.

Resources to follow up. Team coaching is also recommended.

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