Coaching Cards Explained: How do colleagues and peers see me?

How doing a 360 feedback exercise could empower you to take control of your career 

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Most of us wait for our annual appraisal to get feedback on our performance. And we then wait for our manager to create a development plan for us. And then we wait some more because… Well it doesn’t matter. Aren’t you tired of waiting? When it comes to career development, Let’s Talk Talent is a firm believer that most of the accountability lies with the individual. 70% of it in fact. And as such, it’s time to take charge of your own career, so you can determine exactly where you want to go and what you’ll need to get there. 

So don’t be shy. Gather feedback from managers, colleagues, family, friends, their dog. Be brave and have courageous (and yes, sometimes difficult) conversations about your performance.

Ask people two main questions: 

  • What are my development areas? 
  • What am I great at? 

And if this sounds a bit intimidating, start small. Text five people and simply ask them how they see you.  

Once you have a bit of qualitative information, see if any trends emerge. Are there clear strengths coming up? What could you focus on in terms of development? What are your goals and which particular skills do you need to hone in to reach them? What kind of support do you need from your manager or your organisation to help you on your career journey? 

Taking control of your own development plan will ensure you progress at a pace that is comfortable, and that you feel engaged throughout the process. But whilst we are big fans of individual accountability, we also advocate asking for help. Figuring out where you want to go or which skills you should develop is one thing. Finding out how to go about it can sometimes require a bit of guidance. 

If you’d like to know more about developmental feedback and how to use it for optimal results, read our blog on how to avoid the common pitfalls here.

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