Building Better With Less – Live Panel Webinar

Webinar | July 25, 2024 9:15 am

In today’s market, we’re constantly striving to do our best work with depleting resources and floundering budgets. We’re often tasked with doing more with less, and then recognise the inherent struggle in trying to achieve the potentially impossible.

At Let’s Talk Talent, we believe the focus should be on what we need & want to achieve. But don’t just take our word for it! Join us and an industry panel of HR professionals to discuss and share how we build Better for Less. Hear brilliant ideas, tools and techniques which you can take back into your business to continue being the best you can be in 2024 and beyond, even with dwindling budgets!

This panel also includes time for a Q&A so you can ask any questions you may have, or any that develop during the session, to Jo and our ‘dream team’ of HR experts.


This webinar is ideal for:

  • HR leaders who are facing the many problems that arise with having your budgets cut
  • HR & People teams who are keen to learn how to maximise their impact and prepare for the future
  • Senior leaders who are assisting managers and teams with a transition to lower budgets


You will learn:

  • Our experts’ opinions on how you can do more with less
  • The best tools and techniques to master to improve your output
  • How you can take these learnings into your own work going forward

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