How To Improve Your Personal Effectiveness – Learning At Work Week 2024 Webinar

Webinar | May 13, 2024 9:00 am

Personal Effectiveness is a vital cornerstone of growing the careers of not only yourself, but your team. It helps navigate so much of what we do in the workplace and how we do it! But often it’s not given the thought & dedicated time it deserves; leading to decreased efficiency and, in the longer-term, teams that don’t realise their potential.

Join Jo to kick off Learning at Work Week, as she discusses the best ways to improve your personal effectiveness in the workplace, through tips, tricks, and handy tools! This is one webinar you can’t afford to miss.


This webinar is for:

  • Professionals at all stages of their career journey, who want to enhance their personal effectiveness to streamline their route to promotion
  • HRDs and senior leaders looking for initiatives and ways to unlock the potential of their people in practical ways
  • Anyone who’s reached a tricky point in their career, who wants to understand the best ways to get back on track to success

You will learn:

  • What personal effectiveness is, and the key pillars to consider
  • How personal effectiveness contributes to career success in previously-unconsidered ways
  • The best ways to empower yourself and your team to reach peak personal effectiveness

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