Mastering Influence: Practical Strategies For Personal Success – Learning At Work Week 2024 Webinar

Webinar | May 17, 2024 9:00 am

Are you having the impact you want to have in the workplace and positioning yourself as a leader outside of the org charts?

It’s something that’s so easy to overlook and can be taken as a ‘given’, but with a bit of planning, thought, and understanding, you can show yourself to not only be a powerful and knowledgeable manager, but also as an empathetic and approachable leader that people will want to run through walls for.

Join Rebecca as she wraps up Learning at Work Week, teaching you all about your influence and personal impact; why it’s important to take time to refine ‘Project You’, and practical strategies, tips, and tricks, so you can supercharge your leadership style & influence going into the future!

This webinar is for:

  •  HRDs and senior leaders keen on improving their leadership influence
  •  HR managers who want to start learning the ‘soft skills’ to make the jump to senior leadership
  •  Non-HR managers seeking to improve their impact in the team through mastering their interpersonal presence

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of mastering your impact and influence in the workplace
  • The benefits you’ll see in the short, medium, and long term from refining your approach to approachability
  • Practical examples & methods you can start implementing immediately to improve your workplace influence

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