What Makes Us Different

There are a number of talent consultancies that exist, so what makes us different?

Quite simply it’s our purpose. We want to bring positive change to organisations in a purposeful but playful way.

At Let’s Talk Talent we believe that:

  • Life’s too short for beige – Organisations that thrive are full of colour, not lacking in it. So, as Let’s Talk Talent, we don’t work with beige clients and nor do we deliver beige solutions.
  • Kind people are my kinda people – In giving our time to people and showing kindness, we attract clients who are open and who are authentic and about giving, not receiving. Our kindness makes us collaborative yet not afraid to challenge and hold up the mirror, to ourselves or to our clients.
  • We get s**t done – This means get the right s**t done. Being driven by outcomes not output. We know we need to deliver in a smart, agile and cost-effective way – but we want to deliver solutions that are great. Collaboration means we can be small but do great things for our clients.
  • The best is yet to come – Be brave, be resilient, don’t sweat the small stuff. Know that the best is yet to come even at times that can be really hard!
  • That respect is gained when people tell the truth, no matter how hard it is.

We live and breathe this purpose every single day, on every project and with every client – it’s our key differentiator in both business and personal success.

We believe we bring something different to our clients that changes the fabric of organisational life!

And this is what has powered us to grow in a competitive market in a unique way.

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