How do I become a good ambassador externally to build my own and my organisation’s reputation?

How to show a true pictures of your organisation’s internal culture

Suit: You outside the organisation

Being a good ambassador for your organisation starts with the little things. It’s about paying attention to how you talk about your business, sharing updates on its successes and overall being proud to be a part of it. When done well, those little things can truly boost both yours and your business’ profile.  

Using social is a great way to achieve this. Make sure your LInkedIn profile is up-to-date and reflects a true image of your organisation. Share company updates, tell people what happens on a regular basis and give them an opportunity to get a true reflection of your internal culture.

There are also some more formal ways to become an ambassador within the community. Mentoring others, volunteering locally, giving back, or talking at conferences are great examples. These measures will give people a chance to see your values and skill set in action, and by extension those of your organisation. 

Being an ambassador is all about being authentic. And if you are really proud to work with the business, this stuff should come easily. But if you’d like a bit of help with your outreach efforts, give us a call.

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