What career development barriers do I need to overcome? and what will I do to overcome them?

Creating data points so you can evaluate your next step

Suit: You outside the organisation

Yes, you read that right. Data points. Because the first step in overcoming barriers is to fully understand them. Starting with a bit of an audit of your role, the opportunities available within your company or the market as a whole will allow you to take stock of the obstacles in the way of your career progression, and the efforts you’ll have to put in to overcome them. And more importantly, whether or not that effort is worth it. 

Barriers to your progression could be anything internal (such as your skill set) or external (such as the current market). You may for example feel you’ve reached a glass ceiling in your job and have to leave to gain more experience. The industry could also be saturated and opportunities could be quite difficult to find in your particular field. 

Start by gathering data: have informal conversations, talk to managers or colleagues you trust, reach out to recruiters, ask questions about the state of the market and search for role descriptions, or vacancies, similar to yours to find out expectations or salary ranges. 

Some of the barriers to your career development will be easy to overcome, others won’t. Ask yourself how important they are, and whether it’s worth putting the effort in. Remember there are no wrong answers here: it’s all about you and your goals. For example, a dream job may require a woman to work in a fairly male-dominated organisation. Whilst some will be happy to take on the challenge of creating their spot, others will prefer to look for a role in a more inclusive environment. 

Make sure you have a comprehensive view of where you want to go and what’s blocking your way, so you can prepare for the journey, or even change your destination if that journey turns out to be too arduous. And if you need help in figuring it out, make sure you give us a call.

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