What is the how to be assertive respectfully workshop?

Assertiveness is a fundamental communication skill that is used to navigate a variety of personal and professional situations.

However, when assertive communication is not used correctly it can result in a number of negative interactions that can be seen as aggressive and disrespectful to the recipient. Individuals therefore need to find the correct balance in being assertive, whilst maintaining a level of professionalism to navigate to a successful outcome.

Disrespectful communication can result in a breakdown of relationships (no matter how strong they are), decreases in trust and increases in conflict between team members and colleagues.

Who is the how to be assertive respectfully workshop for? 

  • Individuals wanting to increase their confidence in communicating with assertiveness
  • Managers to be more assertive with their direct reports and maintain positive relationships

What will you learn from the assertiveness workshop?

  • Understand what assertiveness is and how it differs from aggressiveness and passiveness
  • Explore a number of behaviour styles and how they are expressed differently
    Go through the stages of assertiveness and what situations relate to a specific stage
  • Be introduced to the DES(C) model and understand how it is used at each of the assertiveness stages

What is the format of the how to be assertive respectfully workshop?

90-minute workshop for up to 12 attendees.

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