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Team Development builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increased collaboration. We deliver virtual and in-person tailored away day experiences.

With new ways of working being adopted across organisations it is important to support your teams through this transition.

There are four stages involved in generating high performance teams: forming, storming, norming and performing. Knowing where you are in this process can really help you pin down the strategies to deploy to reach the next stage.

If you are setting out on this task alone, don’t be, use our complete list of team development tools to support you, or speak to our team to discuss how we can support your teams with tailored away days.

Clients who’ve utilised our team development services

Building an effective team for your workplace

Anyone can put a team together, right? Pick a few talented individuals, give them a mission to complete and bam, you’ve got yourself a team! Actually… Not quite.

Good teams are more than just a collection of people.

Their members put the team’s performance above their own and work together towards a clearly defined goal as a collaborative unit.

This kind of magic doesn’t just happen overnight, and every person in the team has a role to play to make it happen. Reaching the stage where people are engaged, motivated and working effectively requires effort and sometimes, a little help from the organisation.

Team development fuels success, invest in it fiercely, neglect breeds mediocrity. A high-performing team innovates relentlessly, embraces challenges, and achieves greatness through collaboration and continuous improvement.

Yvette Janse van Rensburg, Senior Consultant, Let’s Talk Talent
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Helping teams thrive

Teams sometimes just don’t quite gel, and never get to a stage where they perform well together. Team leaders can facilitate the bonding process and there are many tools available to help turn teams from underperforming collections of individuals to amazingly collaborative units. But how do you know which tactics to deploy?

We have a wealth of experience in helping teams develop and thrive and we understand it’s not the kind of evolution that just happens organically. It requires a lot of effort and dedication and getting involved in the process.

We think showing authenticity and transparency, and making sure you understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader are key factors in effective team development.

Away days

We deliver virtual and in-person tailored away day experiences. Each away day experience is designed uniquely for your specific audience to create team cohesion, engagement, foster relationships and greater communication.

Over the last few years, many people have joined organisations virtually, have worked together, collaborated, and yet may never have met. Each away day experience we design builds trust, collaboration and understanding. Bringing teams together in a meaningful way that suits the nature of each unique team.

People come away from an LTT designed away day with a greater sense of understanding and connection to their team, and each other.

Addressing conflict

Whether it’s due to an allergic reaction to a new leader, a change in leadership style that rubs people up the wrong way or arguments amongst team members, conflict is unavoidable.

When it does arise, it can be easy for managers to feel out of control, and slightly discombobulated. Should your team find itself in the storming phase, it’s important to remember that this does not constitute a reflection of your leadership skills.

We can help you recognise the symptoms so you can get out of it swiftly and efficiently. Then, show your worth as a team leader: not by avoiding the storming phase, but by demonstrating you can come out of it quickly when it does indeed hit. 

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Team development fuels success, invest in it fiercely, neglect breeds mediocrity. A high-performing team innovates relentlessly, embraces challenges, and achieves greatness through collaboration and continuous improvement.

Yvette Janse van Rensburg, Senior Consultant, Let’s Talk Talent

Our Team Development experts

Catherine Wilson

Senior Consultant

Catherine has worked in Talent, HR and Learning and Development for over 20 years. The variety of industries she’s experienced include; retail, travel, manufacturing, utilities and media.

With a broad range of experience in managing HR, Talent and L&D departments, Catherine understands what it takes to drive change and implement talent initiatives. She’s adept at thinking of creative solutions that solve real problems.

Rebecca Longman

Senior Consultant

Rebecca has a MSc in Occupational Psychology, subsequently spent the last 14 years as both an in-house and external consultant in the manufacturing, food, healthcare, financial, and technology industries with organisations all over the world including Bupa, Comerica, BP, Mastercard, Zoetis, Vimeo, Ingredion and many more.

She is an ICF-certified coach and a self-published author of Let’s Love to Work a book about how people create careers they love.

Her specialist skills are employee engagement, skills and competency framework creation, organisational strategy, change management, training design, coaching, narrative creation, and leadership development.

Yvette Janse van Rensburg

Senior Consultant

An accomplished HR, Talent, and People Development professional drawing on 15+ years’ experience working across SME, Corporate, global geographies and complex stakeholder environments in the Built Environment, Recruitment and Real Estate sectors.

Yvette has a passion for supercharging innovative Talent Management & People Development strategies for future focused organisations, creating moments that matter for people & businesses to thrive.

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Team Development Consultants based in London

Let’s Talk Talent is a talent management and organisational development consultancy based in London, UK. We help our clients get, keep and grow brilliant people.

We work with a range of businesses from small SMEs to large multinational brands that operate globally.

Come and find out how Let’s Talk Talent can help you transform your performance management process into a modern performance experience.

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What is Team Development?

Team Development is all about making your team work better together. It’s not about trust falls or cliché team building exercises. It’s an approach that helps your team understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, improve communication, and boost overall performance. It’s like giving your team a turbocharger for productivity and connection.

Who is Team Development for?

Team Development is for any organisation, big or small, looking to enhance teamwork and collaboration. It’s for leaders who want to unlock their team’s full potential, and HR professionals wanting to leverage the power of team development to improve engagement and organisation performance. Whether you’re in a corporate office, a nonprofit, or a startup, if you’ve got a team, Team Development can benefit you. If you are constantly facing challenges around team or individual conflicts, trying to increase efficiency, and enhance job satisfaction, then team development is for you.

Is Team Development a one-time thing?

While Team Development can begin with a one time workshop, the most significant and lasting benefits often come from ongoing development efforts. Think of it this way: attending a single workshop is like going to the gym once; you’ll feel a temporary boost, but it won’t transform your long term fitness. Ongoing Team Development, like regular workouts, helps your team build and maintain their collaborative muscles. It’s a continuous journey of improvement, where each session builds on the previous one, reinforcing positive behaviours, and addressing emerging challenges. This ongoing approach ensures that your team remains resilient, adaptable, and ready to tackle new hurdles as they arise.

Why is Team Development important?

In a nutshell, it can be helpful in  reducing conflict, improving problem-solving, and boosts morale. When your team can collaborate seamlessly and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll see increased productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. It’s not just about working together; it’s about working together better.

How does Team Development work?

At Let’s Talk Talent, we approach Team Development with a customised blend of workshops, assessments, programmes and coaching. We start by understanding your team’s unique dynamics, then create a tailored plan to address their specific needs. Through workshops and interactive activities, we foster trust and open communication. Our goal is to make your team stronger, more adaptable, and aligned with your organisation’s objectives.

How can I measure the success of my Team Development?

Success can be measured through improved team performance metrics, such as increased productivity, reduced conflicts, and higher job satisfaction scores. You will typically also see steady changes in your employee engagement scores when team development becomes part of the culture. You’ll also notice a positive shift in the atmosphere within your team – more collaboration, less tension, and better problem-solving.

Is Team Development only for struggling teams?

Nope, not at all. Team Development isn’t just for teams facing difficulties; it’s a performance enhancer for all teams, no matter where they currently stand. Even high-performing teams can gain tremendous benefits from Team Development. They might be successful, but they’re not immune to challenges. As they strive for excellence, they may need to fine-tune their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Team Development keeps them from growing complacent, fosters innovation, and ensures that high performing teams keep shining by honing their competitive edge. It’s like giving a Formula 1 race car a tune-up to make it even faster and more efficient.

Got a Team Development project in mind?

You’ve come this far, why turn back now?

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What else can we do?


Coaching can be an effective tool in supporting team development. Team coaching is a great way to establish a collaborative coaching approach across a team. Team coaching provides the opportunity for team members to provide organisational context to each other whilst driving a collaborative approach to a common issue or situation.

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Learning and Development Strategy

Having collaborative, cohesive and effective teams can be one of the core drivers for success. However with the constant movement of people across your organisation means teams are constantly evolving and will need constant support through your L&D strategy to keep them at their best.

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