Team Development and facilitation at Money Supermarket Group

The Results

For the HRD of this FinTech business, we delivered a number of key activities over the course of a year, which included:

  • Creating clarity across the team around the wider business strategy.
  • Ensuring there was alignment and commonality of language in the HR vision.
  • Uplifted the capability of the team to become strategic business partners and influencers.
  • Driving greater collaboration across the team to ensure they worked more effectively together.
  • Developing core HR skills across the team, so that everyone was operating at the same level.
  • Building confidence across the HR team so that everyone felt respected, empowered and trusted to do their job.

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What the Client says about us

Jo consistently delivers high quality work products, thought leadership in digital learning management….. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, she can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. CHRO – Moneysupermarket Group
COMPANY: Moneysupermarket
LOCATION: United Kingdom
CATEGORY: Culture & Engagement