Building Amazing Career Pathways & Competency Frameworks – Webinar

Webinar | April 25, 2024 9:00 am

Two vital parts of your Talent Management strategy should be career mapping and competency frameworks, as these are your ‘secret sauce’ in growing and retaining brilliant people. But in the modern day, they can be complex, lack direction and lack the join up across your employee experience to make them relevant to your people.

Join our Founder, Jo, and our Sales & Operations Director, Craig, as they run through how to make frameworks and career pathways mapping for the modern day, with real-life examples and an open Q&A!

This webinar is for:

  • HR professionals who are curious about the process of building career mapping and competency frameworks
  • HR professionals who want to update existing processes & frameworks to make them more relevant for the modern day
  • Anyone with misconceptions or unclear knowledge of what career mapping and competency frameworks are & do

You’ll learn:

  • Why career mapping & competency frameworks are more relevant than ever in the modern day
  • How to build future-proofed processes that can be implemented today
  • Pitfalls to avoid, both common and uncommon

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