Career Coaching Cards Explained: How do our people know if they’re doing a good job?

How to ensure your employees know their contribution is valued and has a role to play in achieving corporate goals

Suit: Backed by the organisation

Get the referee, because this card can be a polarising one!

Most people still associate reward with pay, promotion and the usual performance management ratings that come out of yearly appraisals. But for some, it’s not about the money or the title. It’s all about that pat in the back, and being given the kind of growth feedback & recognition that helps you know you’re on the right track. 

This card should help you find out which end of the spectrum your organisation is on, whether it is the more formal, traditional side of things or on the organic one. But the thing is, it’s not really about what you’ve got in place. It’s about what your people need. Your recognition efforts should be led by your talent pool and backed by the business.

So go ahead, ask questions and find that sweet spot between formal recognition and informal feedback that truly makes your people tick. Because as you know, employee recognition plays a crucial part in talent retention. 

If you’d like to find out how to truly make your people feel valued, have a look at our performance management whitepaper.

And stay tuned for more articles in our career coaching cards series over the coming months.

Career Coaching Cards: Explained

This is a new series of blog posts, that explain our Career Coaching cards in more depth.

Our deck of cards contain 52 questions that help guide better career conversations and connect more with the individuals you’re having these conversations with.

Each week we are releasing a question from our deck with a little more information about why we think this question is a good question and what you are looking to get out of it when you ask it.

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